Clear Lake School

On April 25, 1892 (129 years ago!!!), Clear Lake residents held a meeting to establish a school. Fred Bair, 25-year-old son of John C. and Edna (Hollingsworth) Bair, called the meeting. That night a school board was elected with W.W. Chapman as chairman, G.T. Hughes and J.C. Bair, members; and a Dr. Henderson as clerk .By May 18 the board chose an acre at the NW corner of the Bair farm (former Robert and Margaret (Mary) Miller donation land claim). School District #122 was established. (Keizer was School District #88.) In 1900 the church building was constructed next door to the school. The property was also donated by John C. and Edna Bair.Today the building is named Centennial School and is used for special programs and staff training for the Salem-Keizer School District. Source: Lossner, Ann. Looking Back. Keizer, OR, 1990: 24-26 “History of Clear Lake School”